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STIC News - May 2010

New STIC Website.

A new STIC website has been developed and will be launched on 07th of May 2010. The new site is easy to navigate and has easy to find sections describing what STIC is doing, what its aims are and who is involved.
There is a section called “Our Resources” and this area will be progressively loaded with useful findings and information on structural timber building technology arising from our research and development activities.  Presently you can find various short video clips and associated descriptions relating to recent dynamic and quasi-static earthquake simulation testing that has been completed on ¼ and 2/3 scale experimental buildings, as well as other time-lapse construction clips.
STIC researchers will also be able to use the site to store interim findings prior to preparation for release or dissemination to the broader building and construction industry.
The site also has easy click-through links to other useful wood and timber construction related websites and a search facility.
As the content of the resource areas expands the site will become a critical repository of information that will assist building developers, architects, engineers, constructors and fabricators make informed decisions about the preferential selection of structural timber for emerging new sustainable buildings of the future.  Go to or to view now.

Test Building Survives Earthquakes!

A 2/3 scale pre-stressed LVL timber building has been designed, specified and constructed at the University of Canterbury. The building has been subjected to rigorous earthquake testing for 9 months and after more than 30 simulated earthquakes it remains structurally undamaged.  This building has demonstrated the many advantages offered by this newly developed rapid-construction type of timber building. To see video clips and more information go to or

New Quick-Connect Portal Frames.

After much research a new “quick-connect” knee-joint for long-span engineered timber portal frame buildings has been developed at the University of Auckland.  This new system enables large member timber portal frames to be easily designed and pre-fabricated off-site, then rapidly erected & connected during the on-site construction phase.  This is an exciting development as it will enable structural timber to effectively compete with other building materials in the industrial building market for the first time.

New Timber Floor Developments.

Ongoing research at the University of Technology Sydney is focusing on the development of several different types of long spanning, prefabricated flooring systems incorporating Engineered Wood Products such as LVL and Glulam. An interim design guide for timber concrete composite floors spanning up to 8m has been prepared and other design and detailing aids are currently being developed and will be available soon.

Our Resources

Construction.wmv" title="Construction" rel='external'>Construction

Mainzeal_Fly_Through.wmv" title="Mainzeal Fly-through" rel='external'>Mainzeal Fly-through

Seismic_Testing_Frame_Direction.wmv" title="Seismic Test - Frame Direction" rel='external'>Seismic Test - Frame Direction

Seismic_Testing_3D.wmv" title="Seismic Test 3D" rel='external'>Seismic Test 3D

3-Storey_shake_table_test.wmv" title="Shake Table Test" rel='external'>Shake Table Test

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