Sustainable Buildings of the Future

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Our People

Prof. Andy Buchanan
Research Director

Dr Andy Buchanan is Professor of Timber Design at the University of Canterbury, where he teaches and researches in structural design.His main interest now is multi-storey timber buildings, but he also has interests in earthquake engineering, fire safety and environmental impact of timber, steel and concrete buildings.

He has degrees from the University of Canterbury, California, and British Columbia. Before joining the University of Canterbury in 1987 he was a consulting structural engineer in Christchurch, first for Holmes Consulting Group, then for Buchanan and Fletcher which he started in 1984.

Andy is past president of the NZ Timber Design Society, Research Director of STIC (Structural Timber Innovation Company Ltd), and on the Management Team for the NZ Wood programme.

He has written 3 books; 'The Timber Design Guide', 'The Fire Engineering Design Guide', and 'Structural Design for Fire Safety', plus over 100 academic papers.

Our Resources

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Mainzeal_Fly_Through.wmv" title="Mainzeal Fly-through" rel='external'>Mainzeal Fly-through

Seismic_Testing_Frame_Direction.wmv" title="Seismic Test - Frame Direction" rel='external'>Seismic Test - Frame Direction

Seismic_Testing_3D.wmv" title="Seismic Test 3D" rel='external'>Seismic Test 3D

3-Storey_shake_table_test.wmv" title="Shake Table Test" rel='external'>Shake Table Test

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