Sustainable Buildings of the Future

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Our vision

“The construction of large numbers of innovative and sustainable commercial and industrial multi-storey and long-span timber buildings in Australia and New Zealand”

This will be achieved through:

  • The development of pre-fabricated “hollow” structural timber members, made from Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Glulam, and viable pre-stressed timber construction systems for frames, walls and floors.
  • Promotion and technology transfer of the systems developed to relevant sectors of the building and construction industry in New Zealand and Australia
  • Drivers for Change

    Deep-seated drivers for change in the way we design and construct buildings underpin the STIC vision. 
    Key drivers are created by:
    • Demand for sustainable buildings, renewable materials and reduced CO2 emissions
    • Desire for aesthetically appealing timber buildings that are fit-for-purpose and have highly competitive constructability attributes
    • Carbon neutrality in the building industry and wider economy

    Our Resources

    Construction.wmv" title="Construction" rel='external'>Construction

    Mainzeal_Fly_Through.wmv" title="Mainzeal Fly-through" rel='external'>Mainzeal Fly-through

    Seismic_Testing_Frame_Direction.wmv" title="Seismic Test - Frame Direction" rel='external'>Seismic Test - Frame Direction

    Seismic_Testing_3D.wmv" title="Seismic Test 3D" rel='external'>Seismic Test 3D

    3-Storey_shake_table_test.wmv" title="Shake Table Test" rel='external'>Shake Table Test

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